Catherine Bybee
Paranormal Romance Author

Werewolf Romance

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Werewolves come in two categories, good and evil. Although Richard Ritter's family has encouraged him to make the change for years, he never considered embracing his wolf until he meets Kate Davis. One night with her, however, and his life changes forever.

After a horrifying evening of violence, Kate Davis' life is turned upside down. Richard offers more than security; he offers her passion, something she hasn’t experienced in years. Falling in love with him was easy, but once she learns what he becomes every month her fear of the unknown threatens their future.


Richard stopped Kate before she could follow. His dark eyes searched hers.

“How are you holding up?”

Richard appeared to be watching her like an uncertain child on their first day at school. “My life is spinning out of control.” Her words expressed her frustration. “I don’t know you, I don’t know your family, yet here I am... At your mercy.”

“If there was another way...”

“Is there?”

He shook his head. “None that I can see. You and Joey will be safe here.”

“For how long, Richard?” Kate swallowed the knot in her throat. She didn’t want to cry again. She was tired of crying yet her eyes burned all the same.

He moved closer, caught her chin, and forced her eyes to his. “As long as it takes.”

“I don’t want to impose.”

“You’re not an imposition,” he assured her.

She could see the sincerity of his emotion. His caring eyes made her believe him. She didn’t understand his motives. Why did he care what happened to them?

Richard stroked the pad of his thumb over her cheek, his lips parted as if he wanted to say something. He didn’t. Instead, his head dipped lower, his eyes questioned.

Oh, God. He’s going to kiss me, she thought. Part of her wanted to back away, a very small part of her. The bigger part, however, wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on hers. Butterflies warmed her belly. Anticipation rushed through her veins. How long had it been since a man had kissed her?


Romance in the Backseat ~~ "Richard and Kate's story was so intoxicating. I was so deliriously drunk on their instantaneous chemistry." 5/5

Happily Ever After Reviews~~ “Embracing the Wolf” is full of humor, action, lust and of course, hunky werewolves that will keep you entertained and howling at the moon."

Nights and Weekends Reviews
~~ "With an effortless hand, Ms. Bybee weaves a thrilling and alluring tale that you won’t be able to put down until it’s finished."



Available Now in E-Book from The Wild Rose Press. Press HERE for the link to buy.

After a twelve-hour shift in a busy emergency room, Janet O’Brien is beat. Her last patient arrives unconscious and naked. She’s lead to believe he’s a psyche patient off his meds. However, once he awakens, Janet is charmed by his million-dollar smile and agrees to give him a ride home.

Werewolf, Max Ritter notices the sassy nurse when he wakes after a night under the full moon. Unfortunately, his archrival is drawn to Janet as well. In order to keep her out of harm's way, he opts to keep her close. When the chemistry between them sparks, Max discovers a completely new reason to keep Janet safe.


He kept his smile in place despite his state of undress. “Maybe I can explain my, er, situation over eggs benedict.”

She was tempted, even with him dressed in a hospital issue gown open in the back, she was tempted. “I don’t think so.”

“Why not? You said yourself I’m good looking, and I know you’re curious about why I ended up here.”

Janet slid the paperwork she held in front of him and handed him her pen. “Even if I wanted to, I make it a rule not to date my patients.”

“Humm...” He took the paper and signed his name, then pushed it in her direction. “I’m no longer your patient.”

Janet couldn’t stop the giggle that erupted. “Listen...” She picked up the paper and noted his name. “Mr. Ritter. I’m flattered, really I am, but I don’t think this would be a good idea.”

“I suggested breakfast, not marriage.”

“You’re wearing a hospital gown and a smile.”

“I’ll change. We can drop by my house so I can get my wallet.”

Janet narrowed her eyes. “Is this some perverse way to get a free ride home?”

“I’ll pay for gas.” His eyes locked with hers sending a chill up her spine.

“Hey Janet,” a voice called from beyond the closed curtain.

“I’ve got to go. Day shift needs report.” But her feet didn’t move. Instead, she stared at him, knowing somehow she would give in to his request, and if nothing else give him a ride home.

Something she had never done before.

“I’ll meet you outside, by your car.”

On a sigh she said, “Yeah, okay.” Janet turned away. “How do you know what I drive?”
“I don’t, but I’ll figure it out.”

 Reviews for Before the Moon Rises

Nights and Weekends Reviews ~~ “Satisfying and suspenseful, Before the Moon Rises has earned the distinction of being one of the top e-books I’ve come across in my journey  to find the very best that the Internet has to offer. Author Catherine Bybee has pulled together a well-written and plausible paranormal read in fewer than 100 pages.”


Romance Studio 4 Hearts ~~ “Before the Moon Rises has everything, great characters, a gripping plot, and some pretty hot love scenes.” 


Seriously Reviewed ~~ “…fast paced and action packed.”


You Gotta Read Reviews ~~ You NEED to read rating ~ “Catherine Bybee has created a shadow world of rich characters and a vibrant storyline. The characters are endearing and will tug at your heart while you find yourself immersed in this fantastic story.”


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